Research on homework for primary school-aged children suggests that short, focused tasks that link to what is being learnt are the most effective. Wider research on learning has overwhelming evidence that retrieval practice is an extremely effective method of remembering. Our homework is based on these principles as if we are asking you and your child to give up valuable time, we want it to make the greatest possible difference to your child’s learning and future.

Retrieval practice = Trying to remember something that might otherwise be forgotten.

This also includes retrieving the information quicker and quicker until it becomes an instantly recallable fact. Each child has a customised set of homework activities, based on their individual needs. The first 3 are compulsory and in priority order. If wished, the children can engage in the further 3 to continue to help their development. Children in Year 1, 2 & 3 should have their reading record signed by an adult each day they read their colour coded book at home. Children in Year 4, 5 & 6 should have their homework diary signed once a week to communicate they have engaged with at least the first 3 homework activities during the week. Digital homework is regularly monitored in school. Paper homework is given out each Friday and should be handed in by the following Thursday.

Reading Activities

Reading to an adult | daily | develops decoding and fluency | using home reading book
Independent reading |
daily | develops fluencyusing home reading book
Read Theory|
daily | Fluency and comprehension | Digital Wings

Writing Activities

Penpals handwriting | 3 times a week | letter formation and joining | homework sheet
Spelling Frame |
3 times a week | retrieval practiceDigital Wings
Storybird |
2 times a week | Structures and Devices retrieval practice | Digital Wings

Mathematics Activities

Doodle Maths | daily | retrieval practice | Digital Wings and App
Doodle Tables | daily | retrieval practice | Digital Wings and App
Numbots |
daily | retrieval practiceDigital Wings and App
TT Rockstars |
daily | retrieval practice | Digital Wings and App
Bond Bonanza | daily | retrieval practice | Digital Wings and IOS App
Eedi | weekly | retrieval practice | Digital Wings