Main Uniform

All uniform is available from the school uniform shop - ‘Bamber Bridge Sports’ (Tel. 01772 321425) situated at the Bamber Bridge Football Club.

It is essential that all uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled and available every day in school.

SWEATSHIRT - A good quality red V-neck sweatshirt printed with the school logo.
CARDIGAN/JUMPER - Good quality in red, printed with the school logo.
SKIRT/PINAFORE - Many styles are available locally but must be grey.
SUMMER DRESS - Gingham red/white lightweight dress (optional in summer months)
TROUSERS - Grey (not jeans or leggings).
SHORTS - Grey  (not jeans).
SHIRT WITH COLLAR - White - Year 6 only (worn with a red & silver striped tie).
TIES - Silver & red stripes - Year 6 only (worn with a white shirt with collar).
POLO SHIRT - White (logo preferred)
SOCKS should be plain white, grey or black only.
TIGHTS - should be plain white, grey or black.
SHOES - must be black.
PE T- Shirt - Blue/Green/Red/Yellow  (dependent on your child's house team colour), printed with the school logo (logo preferred)
Unbranded options without logos for school sweatshirts and cardigans  are also available from local shops and supermarkets.

PE Kit

Details of kit needed are given at the beginning of each school year. All children should wear a coloured T-shirt with the school logo that denotes the colour of their house team. This may be green, red yellow or blue. Long hair should always be tied back. Pumps should be worn by children in our infant classes and trainers should be worn in the junior classes. Children may be asked to carry out certain indoor activities such as dance and gymnastics in bare feet.

Jewellery & Hair

The school follows a strict no jewellery code. No form of earring is permitted.

Please could all parents ensure that earrings are removed each day at school.  The school has a no jewellery policy to ensure your children can play a full part in their PE sessions and to ensure that they have no accidental or avoidable injuries whilst in school.  The school follows strict national guidance, which states that no child can take part in PE wearing these.  

We ask that extreme hair styles are not adopted as they are not permitted in school. Hair colouring is not permitted (unless this is temporary and part of a special school event such as dressing up).