Curriculum Research

Research Driven
Long Term Memory Change
Thinking Strengthens Memory

In Theory

Responsive Teaching+ Cognitive Load Theory + Generative Learning Theory + Dual Coding +
Principlesof Instruction + Spaced and Interleaved Retrieval Practice + Mastery Approach

In Practice

Responsive Teaching Lessons adapted in the moment
Cognitive Load Theory Teaching organised into short chunks, conscious of working memory
Generative LearningTheory Activities develop understanding
Dual Coding Teaching integrates verbal and images
Principles of Instruction I do, we do, you do
Spaced and Interleaved Retrieval Practice Quizzes, open ended why/how questions
Mastery Approach Achievable and support for all, deeper understanding

Knowledge & Enquiry

Research shows that children learn best when lessons focus on the teacher helping children remember and apply knowledge, alongside elements of enquiry (children exploring and following their own lines of enquiry).

Research Influencing Us

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