Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education


A high quality PSHE curriculum enables children to adapt, cope and thrive in society. Today, our children are growing up in an exciting, innovative, fast-paced world. They can access a wealth of opportunity; they are encouraged to be creative and outgoing from a young age, but this world comes with many risks too.

There are issues emerging, particularly in relation to pupils’ mental health, relationships and safety, both offline and increasingly online (A curriculumfor life: the case for statutory PSHE education, PSHE Association, 2017). We believe that by providing the children in our care with a tailored, high quality PSHE curriculum, which addresses their personal development, safety and mental health while preparing them for life, that we can support all pupils in developing holistically, boosting their attainment and life chances.


Assemblies are an essential part of our school life. They are an excellent opportunity for the whole-school to learn and grow together.

Our assemblies have been methodically structured and planned throughout the year to compliment and support our whole-school approach to PSHE education.

Assemblies have been devised based on the content being taught in classrooms, embeds British Values, provides thoughtful key questions to awaken curiosity and encourages discussion alongside engaging stimulus and pupil involvement.


We use the ‘Jigsaw’ whole-school approach to support the provision of PSHE education at WLDPS. This programme has been customised to meet the needs of our children and community. Each unit has been thoughtfully adapted to ensure that all our children will receive a high standard of PSHE teaching throughout school.

Our PSHE education is progressive ensuring that fundamental life skills are developed and built on each year, in an age appropriate manner.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

By providing our children with an effective PSHE curriculum and educating them about their physical body, safety, healthy relationships, mental health and wellbeing we can improve their confidence, belief in themselves and their self-esteem. By doing this, our children will be more inclined to hold highaspirations for themselves, regardless of their background and strive to fulfil their dreams and goals.

Equality & Compassion

Through educating our children about diversity and difference we believe that we are enabling them to develop as well-rounded human beings, who will use their education to form decisions rather than casting judgements. Our children will show tolerance and understanding towards other members of society regardless of race, physical appearance, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Improved Life Chances

It is evident that by providing all children with a well-structured and well delivered PSHE curriculum their long-term life chances are boosted. We arepassionate about education and believe that providing children with knowledge empowers them. Our PSHE curriculum teaches our pupils the importance of their individuality, caring for their physical and mental wellbeing, what to do and who to talk to should they face difficulties. PSHE education encourages conversation and openness in order to protect and safeguard them. We advocate inclusivity and teach our children the importance of understanding and embracing diversity. We build essential key skills and attributes such as: confidence, resilience, self-esteem and the ability to work well alongside others which improves their chances of success in education and the wider world.

Respectful Relationships

We teach our pupils what respectful relationships look like; this does not only refer to relationships and friendships with others but to the relationship they have with themselves. We understand the importance of educating children on boundaries and privacy, educating them effectively so they understand that they have rights over their own bodies and can recognise and report abuse, whetherthat be emotional, physical or sexual.

We provide our children with the knowledge required to keep themselves safeoffline and online. The online world is always expanding, and children have access to a wide range of content by educating them about the risks associated with this, we safeguard them and arm with the tools they need to protectthemselves.


Helping our children to develop as human beings. Through progressive, consistent & age-appropriate provision we ensure our children are educated, unbiased andinclusive individuals.

Improved life chances.
By adopting the Jigsaw approach to PSHE we focus on mindfulness as an essential part of PSHE which supports and promotes high levels of wellbeing, we know that higher wellbeing very often results in higher attainment, ultimately improving pupils’ life chances, particularly for disadvantaged children.


High expectations and standards for PSHE. By holding PSHE education in high regard we are confident that we provide the essential building blocks children need to thrive and our provision supports and improves their preparedness for life, helping to keep them safe and healthy both mentally and physically.

Quality first teaching. Staff are provided with training and support to ensure they feel confident to teach effectively. We also strive to model what we teach in daily life, so all our children are surrounded by positive role models.

Discussion. Our children know that their school is a safe space in which they are able to ask questions and engage in discussion. We believe it is essential that children feel confident to speak to trusted adults about any topic in order to safeguard them effectively.


Safeguarding. PSHE has the power to safeguard children on a long-term basis, by helping them to understand what healthy relationships look like, children are empowered as they navigate life and are increasingly able to identify unacceptable relationships meaning theyare less likely to be at risk of exploitation, physical or emotional abuse and mistreatment.

Improved long-term life chances. By supporting wellbeing, we support academic success as our children’s resilience and desire to learn grows. We build key skills and attributes for life throughout their school life which, in the long term, improves employability, social mobility, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

High-functioning individuals. We aim to support children’s development, ensuring that their PSHE education is age-appropriate and allows them to grow into adaptable individuals who can cope and thrive in society.

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