COVID Guidance From September 2021


If your child has symptoms, however mild, they must isolate at home and be given a PCR test. An LFD test is is not sufficient.

Positive household case

If a positive case (not your child) is confirmed in your household, it is very important that every other member of your household takes a PCR test, including your child. Your child can still attend school whilst they are symptom free, unless their PCR test comes back positive.

Your child is positive

If your child tests positive on a LFD test, they must isolate and you should book a PCR test within 48 hours (longer than this and the LFD test result still stands, even if the PCR test comes back negative).

If your child tests positive on a PCR test, they must isolate.

Your child is a close contact of a positive case in school

Your class teacher will let you know. It is strongly recommended to carry out regular LFD tests if your child has no symptoms. Your child can still attend school unless they have symptoms.

Symptoms at school

If your child has classic COVID symptoms (new continuous cough, a temperature or a loss of smell/taste) you will be called for immediate collection. 

If your child has symptoms associated with the Delta variant (headache, sore throat, runny nose, nausea, diarrhoea, feeling ‘off’) the school office may request you come and administer an LFD either on site or at home. This will help reduce the spread whilst also minimising time you and your family require out of education or work. Because COVID presents in a variety of ways, you may be asked to book a PCR test (e.g. your child is clearly feeling ‘off’, has a slightly raised temperature and a sore throat). This was common in positive cases during the summer term.

Outbreak policy

All schools are required to have an outbreak policy, for a significant rise in cases within a class or setting. This would involve temporarily returning to more of a bubble based day for the affected class/es. 

Remote learning for groups and whole classes would only be used as a last resort.


If your child is symptomatic and isolating, as with other absences, please let the school office know ASAP. This will help us identify close contacts and minimise the spread.

What happens if someone in your household is sick?

Home Learning

Stage of being at home
Learning support from class teacher
Child is ill - COVID symptoms or other unwell reasons
(heavy cold, sore throat, sickness etc).
No learning will be set. The child should rest and recover.
Child was ill and is now feeling better but cannot return to school


Child is isolating with COVID but feeling well.
Digital Wings to be used for the first day. Then staff will set learning
via Showbie. This is likely to be White Rose Hub and Oak Academy
based lessons.
Class are isolating or lockdown.
This will occur only in exteme circumstances. A full day of learning
will be set for the class. Depending on the age of the class this may

Reading Comprehension
Sentence Stacking
Up to 2 lessons from the wider curriculum (sciece, art, history etc)

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